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Capelli tempest 700

  • License: With license
  • Size: 7.2 Meters
  • Engine: 175 hp
  • Places: 12 pax

With a length of 7.2 meters, longer and wider than the tempest 650, it offers exceptional driving due to its particular characteristics, as well as due to the help of a 175 horsepower engine, which allows you to move quickly and perform all kinds water sports. It has a large solarium at the front of the boat where you can sunbathe and an awning that covers the back to protect from the sun on hot summer days. It also has two anchors, one on the bow and one at the stern to be able to anchor, a ladder to be able to climb and down more easily from the boat and a table that can be opened and closed, where to take the aperitif or food. Available for our most demanding customers who are looking for greater comfort and navigability, as well as due to its wide capacity to carry passengers.

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